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ADVANCE // Men's Conference


Pastor Christopher Jones

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Pastor of Ship of Zion, founded in 2001 by Him and his wife (Jacqueline) in the inner city of Raleigh, NC.

He attended Shaw University and Trinity College and a is graduate of New Life Community School and Bible Institution with a Degree in Religion.

Pastor Chris has traveled to many cities, such as: Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans, studying the difference in socio- economical diversities, bringing back resources and developing programs for our area of ministry.

He has also traveled to various countries in Africa (visiting Mandela’s Prison) teaching the Gospel message, touring Israel and learning the culture of how people connect and interact within the context of their society.

He was a National Appointed Missionary with the Assembly of God for 9 years.

He currently serves as Senior Pastor for Ship of Zion Church and oversees The Ship Community Outreach, a non-profit organization which includes the Bread of Life Ministry which serves 4000 families a month with food, The Galley grocery store in an area designated as a food desert and The Ship Yard: a weight lifting facility which provides weightlifting opportunities and camps for young people.