We believe that every child is a unique and special gift.  So our mission is to provide a warm and caring environment that provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere on a daily basis with the emphasis on education that promotes healthy development.

We take the role and responsibility as teachers, directors and owners very seriously and consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to care for your children.  We are committed to providing dedicated, trained, qualified staff members who are devoted to the care and well being of the children and the families we serve so that we can maintain our exceptionally high standards. 


Our Curriculum seeks to not only develop children mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually, but also address different levels of ability and different learning styles.  Our curriculum includes:

  • WEE Learn Curriculum in the Infants through 3 Years Old Classrooms
  • Abeka Curriculum in the Four and Five Years Old Classrooms.

Cornerstone Learning Center understands parental involvement is a crucial component to the success of a child’s educational achievement. Parents are their child’s most important teacher. Research has proven that children are more successful learners when their parents are actively involved in their learning, both at home and at school. To support parents as partners, we encourage families to be involved in helping us care, train, build character and prepare children for life.  Cornerstone Learning Center offers an open-door policy, allowing parents to visit and participate in our programs at all times.





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our leadership

Tammy Donnelly, Director
B.A. from Campbell University