youth programs

nursery 0-2  |  g2g jr 3-5
g2g 6-11  |  YOUTH 12-18 

Youth will experience an action & power packed service where Jesus is exalted, the Holy Spirit's presence is evident, and the Word of God is ministered.  Our youth and their leaders are passionate about Jesus and church.  

For information on G2G and G2G Jr.: Contact Pastor Malisa Jones

For information on Nursery: Contact Pastor Tammy Donnelly

For information on Youth:  Pastor Bethany Morgan

international ministries

The vision is Christ, our field is the world, our assignment is Evangelism.  Learn more.

Inspired by the abundance of Christ's love for us, we commit our lives to sharing tangible love to the world's most vulnerable in order to create generational change in rural African villages. Learn more.

Tony and Carol Curl moved to Zambia as missionaries in April 2016 to Pastor Kunchubwe Village Church and serve as In-Country Directors for Love Abounds.