Pastoral Team

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Senior Pastors,
Jonathan and Sherry Morgan

Pastors Jonathan and Sherry Morgan are the parents of three children; David, Savannah and Isaac and a daughter-in-law Bethany. They have served the Lord as pastor, evangelist and missionary since 1983. Pastor Jonathan Morgan is also the founder of Frontline World Ministries. God has called them to work together with a ministerial team to establish Cornerstone Family Church in Fuquay-Varina. 


Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Associate Pastors,
Matthew and Tammy Donnelly

Pastors Matthew and Tammy Donnelly are the proud parents of Brianna, Peyton and Isabella. They have served the Lord as pastors and evangelist over the past since 2006. Pastor Matthew Donnelly is also the founder of Matthew Donnelly Ministries. 


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Pastors Rodney &
Malisa Jones

Rodney & Malisa are our Outreach Pastors, focused on reaching the local community at Cornerstone Church. They have 3 beautiful girls, Abby, Sara and Emma. Rodney & Malisa have served the Lord as Pastor since 2001.




Youth Pastors, 
David & Bethany Morgan

In addition to running international ministry Love Abounds, David and Bethany Morgan serve as our Youth Pastors.  David and Bethany are the proud parents to Ruby.  David and Bethany have served as Pastors since 2016 and started Love Abounds in 2013. 



associate admin. pastors,
dwayne & Denise patterson

Dwayne and Denise joined the pastoral team in 2017.  Their passion for people and the Lord help foster a friendly and Christ-centered environment for worship on Sunday mornings.  



worship leader,
Michelle Davis

Michelle has been singing in worship groups for nearly the past three decades.  She has led Cornerstone Church in worship since 2010.  Her love for the Lord is passionate, contagious, and evident in every song she leads.